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1/21/2016 - HITTERSINC is looking for baseball tournament directors across the USA for event repping. We would love to come out to your tournament and setup shop for all of your players. We would share profits with the tournament and help promote! We will bring a professional presentation and educate players/parents on the different qualities and benefits to wood bats versus standard metal bats.  

Please contact us if this sounds interesting to you and would love to set up lasting relationships through the game we all love!

Keep Swingin!


1/15/17 - Hope everyone had a awesome New Years! We are back up and running. Stay tuned for new deals and new items coming to our catalog in the next month! 

Also for the next month we will be running a $10 discount on wood bats using code "newlumber" at checkout to receive the discount!

Keep Swingin!


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