ROCK BATS Model 331L (C331) Composite/Laminate Adult Maple Baseball Bat BBCOR

ROCK BATS Model 331L (C331) Composite/Laminate Adult Maple Baseball Bat BBCOR
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The model 331 is custom model based on the Louisville conversion C271 with a large bell knob known as a C331. The larger knob acts as a counter balance making this already well balanced model feel like a match stick. This model is one of the better models for a player transitioning from aluminum to wood. And more seasoned contact hitters with good bat speed like this model for its balance and control. Rock Bats crafted this model out 6 pieces of hard wood and engineered it to be 20-30% stronger than a solid wood bat. They also balanced out the bat by using a lighter wood in the barrels core and heavier wood in the handles core. But this bat can still break fast if not used correctly. You still have to hit balls on the sweet spot with the logo up. Hits in on the hands and out on the end can break this bat just the same. Every Rock Bat has the sweet spot identification on the barrel. Coaches can utilize this features as an excellent teaching tool when discussing wood bats with young players.

In stock and ready to ship in most case. If we run out please allow 1-3 weeks.
Similar to a C331
Standard Knob
2 1/4" Bottom Hand
15/16" Top Hand
2 1/2" Barrel
BBCOR Approved

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