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After 13 years providing the best custom bats to players all over the world we are entertaining offers to buy the business. What you are getting is existing opened accounts. Which has value because they don't open just anyone and there is usually minimum orders for your first order up to 5k. You will get a domain that has been established in search engines for over a decade and you will get a newly built website with thousands of hours of content already added. This alone usually runs 10k or more. After all this time we are simply running out of steam to give it the love and attention it deserves. The business has no assets or dept and is completely mobile. You just need laptop. It costs roughly $400 a year to run with the web maintenance package, domain fee's and some other small stuff. You don't need to stock any product, everything is custom made to order and drop shipped from the manufacture. The best type of person to run this business is someone who's already in and around baseball where you can see and talk with players often. Baseball is a tight knit community and word of mouth is paramount. If you are at all interested please let us know.

Keep Swingin!


4/11/16  We are now able to take limited orders for custom Chandler Bats again. However the manufacturing lead time is around 2 months give or take. We cannot estimate any delivery times other then that general time frame. When your orders ships tracking will be emailed. Payment at the time of the order is required, we cannot take orders and wait to charge your card when the order ships, there are no refunds on custom order. We cannot refund you 2 months into the process if you get tired of waiting, it's really difficult to manage our account like that so we hope you understand. Please order knowing these will take some time and prepare accordingly. On Chandlers website it says 4-6 weeks but that was the time frame at the time of thier site launch 2 years ago and isn't accurate. If you have any questions please message us before hand. Thank you!!


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