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Want to know what's the status of your order? To start please check the posted manufacturing time in the description of the bat your ordered. Almost every bat on this site is a custom made to order product and takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks to manufacture and ship depending on the brand. Some can even take longer in rare cases. Specific lead times can be found in the description/specs of the bat ordered so please check there first. If you ordered a bat and are within that posted time frame and we have not emailed you a status update with the tracking number that means your order has not shipped yet. Once you place an order with us your immediate status is "Processing" and usually within 24 hours the manufacturer confirms the order with us and we change the status to "In Production". There your status will not change until the manufacturer confirms shipment and sends us the tracking number. We then update the status to "Shipped" and send you the tracking. All status updates are sent to the email you logged with the order, if you are not getting those emails that means your spam filters are blocking them or you entered a bad email. Some spam filters will kick the emails or place them in a spam folder. If you ordered multiple bats from different manufacturers each bat will ship on it's own from the respective manufacturer within the posted lead times so if you get one bat and not the other don't worry, the rest will be along shortly. We unfortunately can't give you a more specific delivery date or time frame other then the posted manufacturing times like "2-4 weeks" for example but if you need to contact us with any concerns like order mods or address changes the form below is the most efficient for us. For sales or general inquiries you can messages us as well. We monotor the email 24/7.

A box retail shelf bat is a mass produced, over priced, inferior excuse for a bat (even for high profile brands). Shelf bats sit around for months and even years constantly absorbing moisture and drying out making the bats brittle and sub standard even for the lower grade wood used to make them. A fresh custom bat is what every professional player uses and so should you. Thank you all for your support and patience, it will be worth the wait and don't forget to come back and write a review for your purchase!



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