Welcome to As you browse around you will notice most of the bats on this site are custom made to order. This is for a specific reason. Major leaguers want their bats fresh and so should you. Our competitors are happy to sell you a bat they ordered a year ago in bulk but not us. Old bats dry out, loose pop, become brittle and break down fast. Our site was custom built to serve this purpose and we strive to provide you with the best wood bat shopping experience on the web. If you do need a stock bat because you are in a hurry don’t worry, we do stock some that we know turn over quickly insuring their freshness.

We offer bats from many of the best manufactures in the country and we hold them to the highest standards. If you don’t see a brand on this site there is usually a specific reason why we excluded them. There are a few very popular manufactures that supply very high quality bats to major leaguers while charging the high premium to amateurs for left over wood that’s not good enough for a professional player. At HITTERSINC we only represent manufactures that give every player young and old, pro and amateur the same equal treatment. Our manufactures have integrity and will always stand behind their products.

One thing you won't see here at is all the cheesy slogans, videos or misleading terms used specifically to cover what a product is or isn't. We simply give you accurate information and let you decide who makes the better bat for you.

Thank you for letting us serve you and in the words of Mariners great Jay “Bone” Buhner… Keep Swingin! - Conserving aluminum since 2003