International Buyers welcomes hitters from all over the globe. The process is simple. Place your order online just as you would normally. The displayed shipping rate will be inaccurate however, we’re afraid technology hasn’t caught up with us yet. The shipping rate shown will be as if you are in the US and after you place the order we will simply adjust the rate accordingly. Because shipping rates are so different all over the world and given that they constantly change we cannot post average shipping rates here. We encourage you send an email first with your desired order to get a quote. If you forget to get a quote before hand don’t worry, after you place your order we will email you a quote and let you decide if you wish to have us adjust the charge, or simply cancel the order.

We ship most international orders using the United States Postal Service: Air Priority Mail. It includes tracking and insurance and only takes 6-10 days in transit once your order is ready to ship. However, other shipping arrangements can be made such as UPS or USPS Express Mail. We are also happy to send your order to friends or family in the states.

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