Discount Program


If you buy in bulk we feel you deserve a discount. Below you will read full details about this program and how you can take advantage of the savings. Remember, this is not for us, this is for you. As a thank you for those who have supported us through the years. Enjoy!

Purchases of the following quantities qualify for the following discounts:

2-5 bats: $5 discount off each bat.

6 or more bats: $10 discount off each bat.

18 or more bats: Please email or call 206.866.0641 for a quote.

How do I get my discount?

Enter the following coupon codes when you check out. Please be honorable, any misuse of these codes will result in your order being canceled and your card being refunded. No exceptions.

2 Bats "TWO" Total Value $10

3 Bats "THREE" Total Value $15

4 Bats "FOUR" Total Value $20

5 Bats "FIVE" Total Value $25

6 Bats "SIX" Total Value $60

7 Bats "SEVEN" Total Value $70

8 Bats "EIGHT" Total Value $80

9 Bats "NINE" Total Value $90


*You may mix and match models, sizes and brands.

*If you misuse the codes your order will be cancelled with no exceptions

*You may use these codes on sale items

*No other coupon codes can be used with this offer

*Orders may be placed online or over the phone.



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